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Digital/Machine Microblading   

Beautiful hairstrokes perfected with an advanced technique which produces crisp, longer lasting

results when compared to manual microblading. Not recommended for oily or mature skin types.

Powder Brows     

A soft, powdery, finished look.  Bold and beautiful. 

The perfect choice for all skin types!  


Hybrid/Combo Brows   

A gorgeous combination of hairstrokes and powdery shading. (shown in picture immediately after the tattooing.  These lines and shading will soften and be slightly lighter upon healing in 4-5 days)


Perfection Session     

The 6-8 week grand finale...we fill in any areas that need more pigment, make any adjustments to the shape, it is the proverbial icing on the cake.  

Does it hurt?  Not at all.  We use a dual numbing technique which allows for pain free tattooing!  

How long does it last?  On the average, between 1-3 years between touch-ups.  

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